Zagreb Airport Transfers

Zagreb Airport (ZAG), also known as Zagreb Franjo Tuđman Airport, is the largest airport in Croatia, having over a million people go through it over the course of a year. It’s located 10km from Zagreb city centre, in Velika Gorica. 

Zagreb is the capital of the Republic of Croatia and as such is a very popular destination among travelers. Therefore, when visiting Croatia, no matter what time of the year, we highly recommend you to visit Zagreb. It’s just as beautiful during the hot summers as it is in winter when covered in snow.

Zagreb is a city with 3 faces:

Gornji grad (Upper Town), Donji grad (Lower Town), and Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb), each with unique attractions that make popular destinations for tourists.

Many travelers who decide to visit Croatia, believe that their tour wouldn’t be complete if they visited only the coastal cities, and missed out on the capital.

And this is the main reason why we offer Zagreb Airport Transfer from Zadar to Zagreb and vice versa - we want to enable you to visit the Croatian coast the whole world talks about, without missing out on the content only the capital can offer.

Why should you choose our Zagreb Airport transfer service?

Safety above all.

Our Zagreb Airport transfer service makes no compromises when it comes to your safety. You will meet your driver at the arrival hall at the agreed time and recognize them by a sign of your name they’ll be holding. 

Excellent vacations call for excellent services.

With our Zagreb Airport transfer, you don't have to worry about uncomfortable silences during several hours of driving. Our drivers are fluent in English and always happy to answer your questions. A vacation can only get better once you get a few tips and tricks from a local!

Comfort comes first!

We’ve carefully selected the most comfortable and spacious vehicles so you can relax without worrying about whether your luggage will fit in the trunk. With our Zagreb Airport transfer, there’s room for you, your suitcases, and a fun trip accompanied by laughter.

Your flight is late? No worries - we probably already know that!

We like to be up to date and keep track of the flight information to know if there’s a change of plans. Of course, if you know that your flight may be delayed, please let us know.

Fixed price system

When it comes to our Zagreb Airport transfer, there is no room for unpleasant surprises. You’ll be aware of the full amount charged in advance, with no hidden costs as we value transparency, integrity, and high performance above all.

Traveling is the part of every vacation that many people would rather skip. This is why we’ve made it our main goal to make this process as quick and easy as possible. Throughout the years of doing this job, we’ve figured out the best ways to travel and packed it all into our service.

With our Zagreb Airport transfer, you’ll enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.

Transfers from Zagreb Airport

Zadar Airport 330.00 €
Zadar 330.00 €
Novalja 330.00 €
Tisno 390.00 €