Marina Šangulin Transfers

Marina Šangulin has just about everything a marina should have. Actually, even more. Located in Biograd na Moru, a famous nautical city and the pioneer of nautical tourism in Croatia, the expectations were set high during its construction. 

And now, it’s waiting for you to settle in and see for yourself why Biograd is the paradise city for yachtsmen.

It provides its guests with 200 berths, each with access to electricity and water. To ensure that your yacht is ready for a new exciting adventure, boat servicing is a walking distance away.

And the best thing - it is open all year round so you can sail in whenever you get the well-known “Adriatic nostalgia”.

It’s located in the best part of the city for every yachtsman who’s preparing to set sail on a long voyage as numerous supermarkets, post offices, gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants, and a harbormaster’s office are located nearby.

It’s easy to settle in Marina Šangulin knowing that new adventures are just a short sail away.

In less than a few hours, you can reach the nearby islands. And since it’s located in the most indented part of the Adriatic, there are many to choose from.

We highly recommend visiting Pašman, an island that will enchant you with its verdure, vibrancy, and clean beaches. Ideal for those who like to feel like one with nature.

However, if you’re in the mood for something more exotic, you can visit the island of Pag, known as the "Moon Island". Find out why yourself!

However, the best and safest way to get to Marina Šangulin is with our Marina Šangulin transfers.

Who are we and why should you choose our Marina Šangulin transfers?

We are travel enthusiasts who, through their years of experience traveling the world, have realized one thing:

The key to any exceptional vacation is well-organized transportation.

That is why we decided to integrate our experience into one service - private transfers, including Marina Šangulin transfers.

And that’s why our Marina Šangulin transfers have all the features of a private transfer that makes you come back.

And those features are:

Safe, comfortable, and a well-organized trip

With Marina Šangulin transfers, all the details about the trip will be given to you even before you hit the road to ensure a stress-free trip.

Professional drivers

Marina Šangulin transfers offer you English-speaking and professional drivers. By the way, they may even make you laugh!

AC and FREE Wi-Fi

Because time flies when you’re comfortable. Also, free Wi-Fi is a necessity by now. Right?

Free cancellations up to 12hrs before the ride

We’re aware that there may be a change of plans - and we’re cool with that! Vacations ask for flexibility and we’re here to give it to you.

Our goal is to show you that transport can be a piece of cake if it’s well organized and professionally done.

Soo - book your transfer today!

Transfers from Marina Šangulin

Zadar Airport 50.00 €
Zadar 50.00 €