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Dubrovnik is a city with such a turbulent and exciting past that the fact that Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Robin Hood were filmed there is a piece of side information. Once you’ve visited it and experienced its walls and other beauties, the fact that it’s a place favored by Hollywood’s film directors will evaporate from your mind.

It was to be expected that even centuries later, the city, which had the status of a state for 500 years, despite numerous events and wars that have taken place in the meantime, will justify its glorious name in the present. Its importance is also evident in numerous nicknames and various names under which it was known:

In the past it was called Ragusa, now Dubrovnik, with the nickname "Pearl of the Adriatic", and you will rarely hear some people call it "The Cradle of Croatian Literature".

Dubrovnik is best known for its old walls - Walls of Dubrovnik, which you had the opportunity to see in the Game of Thrones.

If those walls could talk, they would tell unbelievable stories unheard of even in the greatest historical novels. These 2km long walls have never been breached by a hostile army. Embracing the old city in its entirety, the walls are considered the symbol of Dubrovnik. 

The great walls kept their current form since the 14th century when Ragusa (Dubrovnik) declared independence from the Venetian Republic. The north is protected by the circular tower of Minčeta. Revelin Fortress is in charge of the eastern side of the city port, while the western entrance is protected by the Bokar fortress. 

Walking through those less than 2 kilometers, you will forget about everything around you and at that moment there will be only you, the walls, and the sea that tirelessly beats against them while the wind directs its rhythm. 

Not a single person who had ever been to Dubrovnik could bypass Stradun. 

It’s the main, also the most famous street of the Old Town where the Blaise Church and Sponza Palace are also located. It connects the east and west gates, and its present appearance has been greatly influenced by the earthquake of the 17th century when it was rebuilt. 

Strolling through those 292 meters will feel longer because you’ll want to absorb every detail and every stone so that the memory of it stays in your memory forever. Numerous loves were born and friendships made on Stradun and it’s one of the places in Dubrovnik where the most beautiful memories are created.

Also, we highly recommend you to visit the Franciscan Church and Monastery, Suvrtac Fortress, Rector’s Palace, Dominican Monastery, and King’s Landing. For all Game of Thrones fans, there are numerous “GOT tours” so you can through all the filming locations to feel like a part of the legendary show.

These are the reasons why Dubrovnik is the dream of every tourist - a rich past, an exciting present, good food, and a clean, crystal clear sea.

And that is why we’ve decided to further enrich the Dubrovnik tourist offer with our Dubrovnik transfer service so that you can enjoy the ride as much as the sights of Dubrovnik.

Who are we and why do we think that our Dubrovnik transfer can solve all of your problems?

We are a team from Zadar with a mission to ensure tourist transportation with the lowest prices and the best quality. This is where our Dubrovnik transfers come into play.

We may not have starred in Game of Thrones, but we are proud to offer you…

Professional drivers

Our drivers are English-speaking professionals who will be happy to answer your questions. They’ll be happy to share some tips and tricks for getting around known only to locals.

Vehicles fit for larger groups

Our motto is: "The more - the merrier". 

With our Dubrovnik transfers, you don't have to worry about having to organize multiple taxis. You can all travel together because our minibus can hold up to 15 people! 

Equipped and comfortable vehicles

We have carefully selected only the most comfortable vehicles to make you feel as if you were in a hotel room. When you travel with our Dubrovnik transfers you won’t be hot because our AC is as good as a cold shower on a hot summer day. The best thing - we provide you with free Wi-Fi so you can watch Netflix on the road!

Affordable prices

Dubrovnik is known as one of the most pricy cities in Dalmatia.

The same can’t be said about our Dubrovnik transfers. We’ve created a system for you to enjoy all the benefits of private transfer at the lowest prices.

Fixed-price system

To save you from calculating how much you’ll be charged, we created a fixed-price system. With our Dubrovnik transfers, the price on the web is the price you pay. No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises.

Free cancellation

The seasons change. As well as the weather…, and so do your plans! We’re aware of that and that is why you can cancel your Dubrovnik transfer free of charge up to 12 before the departure.

Transparency & safe trip

You’ll be provided with all the necessary information even before you hit the road. As for meeting with your driver, they will meet you at the agreed place holding a sign of your name to make it easier for you to recognize each other.

We know that driving is a part of the vacation that most would rather skip. That is why we decided to take the responsibility upon ourselves and simplify this seemingly complex process by introducing, among others, the Dubrovnik transfer service.

Every hour you spend on the road is an hour less on the beach.

So, if your goal is to spend as much time on the beach as possible, book your Dubrovnik transfer today!

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